Mints can now reveal your Mac’s logic board ID

I’m sorry to release yet another new version of Mints so soon after the last, but version 1.0b8 contains an important new feature for many Mac users: it can show your Mac’s logic board ID. In an earlier article this morning, I have used that to launch a survey to gain better understanding of problems updating firmware in iMac17,1 models – the reason for rushing this update out.

Next, an apology for those of you who have been using Mints’ new volume information feature. I’m aware that this currently doesn’t capture all the external disks which might be mounted. Its primary purpose is to look at used and free space on APFS volumes, which it should do as reliably as possible. I will be revisiting how it does this, to see if it can provide a wider range of information on a wider range of mounted volumes.


The new information on logic board IDs is a small but important start of a new window containing information about your Mac. If there’s anything that you’d like included here, please let me know. Obtaining these values is proving somewhat unpredictable, and slow to get working properly.


When you have checked your Mac’s logic board ID, please compare it with that listed by Mr Macintosh: if yours isn’t included in his list, please tell him the model name and the logic board ID. That will help him build his database, and benefit all of us.

Mints version 1.0b8 is now available from here: mints10b8
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.