cmpxat, a command tool to compare extended attributes, now a Universal binary

cmpxat does one really useful thing: it compares two files, much as cmp would, but with respect to their extended attributes rather than the file data itself, and reports any differences. It’s really simple to use too:
cmpxat file1 file2
compares the extended attributes of file1 to those of file2.

Although there are other ways to solve this problem, none is as quick and simple as cmpxat.

cmpxat is now available in version 3, which is a Universal binary, and runs native on all versions of macOS from El Capitan to Big Sur betas, and on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. That’s particularly important with command tools, as the last thing that you want on your shiny new Apple Silicon system is a call to any command to have to wait for Rosetta 2 to translate an Intel binary to run on ARM processors.

I’ve already explained how mixing Intel-only apps and tools can pose problems: it’s far better on an Apple Silicon system to run a complete calling chain using a single architecture where you can. This update now makes this possible.

cmpxat version 3 is fully notarized, supplied with a convenient Installer package, and full documentation, here: cmpxat3
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.

I hope that it proves useful to you. I will continue to leave its Intel-only version available from its Product Page, in the event that you encounter any problems with this new version.