Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 55

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 55. Here are my solutions to them.

1: Notification
Notice (a notification) me at the top right (where Notifications are accessed in the menu bar), unless you don’t want to be disturbed (they’re disabled when you turn Do Not Disturb on). What am I?

2: VoiceOver
You can hear my narrative (what a voice-over is) when you hover your pointer and listen (when enabled, VoiceOver works as a screen reader). What am I?

3: boot
For only one foot (a single boot) to start with (what boot is), I’ll get up and running (what it does). What am I?

4: Which is the next number in this series: answer 9.
The series consists of the Scrabble score for each of the cardinal numbers as words,
one = 3; two = 6; three = 8; four = 7; five = 10; six = 10; seven = 8; eight = 9; nine = 4
ten = 3; eleven = 9.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.