Major improvements in extended attribute editor xattred 1.2

This new version of xattred, my free extended attribute (xattr) editor, has several major improvements which all users should find valuable.

I have rejigged its main window so that it now works better with resizing, and the divider between the two lower sections is fully adjustable. When working with files with few xattrs, this makes less difference, but when there are many it’s a big improvement.

I have added support for multiple selection in the list of xattrs. For example, to remove all xattrs from a file, you can select all and Cut. Use the standard Shift and Command modifier keys to select continuous blocks of xattrs or to make discontinuous selections. You can also use the standard keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking on the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons.


A completely new feature is support for xattr flags to determine whether xattrs are easily stripped or carefully preserved. This uses the macOS feature by appending flags after a hash # sign. You can add any of the standard flags, or remove them, from any selected xattr. I believe that xattred is the only such editor to support this. I have added full details of these flags to the Help book.

If you’re a developer, xattred is still the simplest way to check that your software passes Gatekeeper’s first run checks, as it provides a button which adds a ‘proper’ quarantine flag to any file, so forcing that app or executable to undergo those checks.

xattred version 1.2 is now available from here: xattred12
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update feature.

Now that I have improved selection and cut/copy/paste, I intend working on enabling Undo for them, at last.