Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 40

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 40. Here are my solutions to them.

1: Dark Mode
I’m not a black uniform (a dark mode), nor the sorceror’s fashion (a dark mode), just an appearance (one of the two Appearances in macOS and iOS). What am I?

2: PRAM, now officially known as NVRAM
I used to convey infants (in a pram), and despite changing name (to NVRAM) you still spell me out whenever you want to zap me (the keys held still spell PRAM). What am I?

3: Which Apple officially-supported programming language went from version 4 to 2.0 in 2006? Answer: Objective-C.
The last version of Objective-C shipped by NeXT was officially known as version 4, which then formed the basis of the language on the Mac until 2006. At WWDC that year, Apple announced a new version, including features such as properties, dot notation, and garbage collection, which it named Objective-C 2.0. That remains the version used today in Xcode for all Macs and Apple devices. See the FAQ here.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.