Free log browser Ulbow version 1.1 is now released

I am delighted to release the new version of Ulbow, 1.1, which is now out of beta, and has undergone several internal fixes.

Since the last beta-release, I have:

  • fixed an obscure bug which was clipping some initial log entries from the Chart view;
  • removed the time zone from tooltips shown in the Chart view, to simplify them;
  • set the initial datestamp shown in the Chart view to give the start of Chart data;
  • checked thoroughly all the calculations used for the Chart view and made further small changes to improve them.


If you haven’t yet used a log browser with a Chart view like Ulbow’s, I recommend that you take a little time and explore the power that this brings. Coupled with the ability to copy times from its bars and paste them for use in getting a log extract, it really transforms the way you navigate the thousands of log entries in the macOS unified log. If you’re already skilled with the log show command, this is still valuable, as it allows you to home in on individual events quickly, without having to apply such narrow predicate filters that you’re only seeing a tiny portion of what’s going on.

Ulbow’s Help book has been extensively updated to detail these new features, and is now 33 pages long with over 7,500 words. This contains a lot of reference material which is valuable even if you don’t use Ulbow as your primary log browser.

Ulbow version 1.1 for macOS Sierra and later is now available from here: ulbow11
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

I’m now taking requests for features in version 1.2. I’m looking at building in a method of saving collections of log files (perhaps copied from another Mac) into a logarchive. Is there any interest in that?