Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 27

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 27. Here are my solutions to them.

1: AppleScript
You’d think I was a font (it’s not a handwriting font, of course), but put me in control (it controls apps etc.) and see how I can automate (primarily used to automate apps). What am I?

2: launchd
I was no service to Helen of Troy (it’s a daemon/service, but not to the ‘face that launched a thousand ships’), but I’m invariably number 1 (its Process ID is always 1) and run the whole show (it launches pretty well everything else). What am I?

3: Press any key on this developer’s keyboard, and a Greek letter or strange symbol appears. Which language do they use? Answer: APL.
Named after the title of the book by Kenneth Iversen in which he defined the language, A Programming Language is unique in its terseness and extensive use of Greek characters and unusual symbols. Coding APL is a bit like playing chess, and it’s often the case that it’s a write-once read-never-again language.


I look forward to your putting alternative cases.