Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 10

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 10. Here are my solutions to them.

1: Activity Monitor
If you think I’m going to keep an eye on (Monitor) your working out (Activity) you’ll be disappointed, but I’ll process (it lists processes) those on your Mac. What am I?

2: GCD, Grand Central Dispatch
My first might seem overambitious (grand), my second is in the middle (central), and my last is about sending (dispatch) rather than a railhead (Grand Central Station). Together we’ll run in parallel (what GCD does). What am I?

3: Where do you commonly encounter undecimal digits? Answer: In the check digit given at the end of an ISBN-10 number, where the digit, a checksum mod 11, ranges from 0 to X (= 10), i.e. is base 11, or undecimal (see duodecimal, which is base 12). See Wikipedia.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.