Exploring and testing iCloud Drive using Cirrus 1.6

One of the commonest complaints among Mac users is of iCloud Drive problems – documents which take forever to sync, or have been ‘evicted’ into the cloud when you need to access them locally, then simply won’t download.

Over a year ago, I offered the first beta-release of my free utility Cirrus, which offers a bit more in the way of diagnostics and controls than the alternative of turning it off and on again. Cirrus gives you control over which files and folders are evicted into cloud-only storage, and which are also stored locally. It gives you the ability to browse the files and folders in your iCloud Drive without forcing their download, so you can check their status and more. It also provides a simple upload test, which you can perform and then inspect selected entries in the unified log to aid in diagnosis of problems. And sometimes just performing that test seems to ‘unstick’ your iCloud Drive anyway.

iCloud is often one of the more turbulent features during macOS beta-testing, and Catalina has been no exception to that. Some early bugs caused major disruption to many Macs, and it has taken me several sessions to finally restore order to iCloud Drive. Trying to use the last release of Cirrus on Catalina is doomed to several failures, largely because local paths have all changed at least twice, so far.

While I was trying to address those issues, I also discovered a bug in the current release of Cirrus which prevented its standard upload test from working at all. In order to fix this as quickly as possible, I have accelerated work on the next version of Cirrus, which I am now releasing as a strongly recommended update for all users.

This new release includes the following:

  • fixes the bug which prevented the upload test from uploading anything (a deep blush for that one!);
  • adds menu commands with shortcuts to run the upload test and clean up afterwards, accessible from anywhere within the app;
  • fixes changed paths in Catalina to ensure that all (I hope) app features now work in Catalina beta 5 and 6 too;
  • constrains the shortest path permitted in the Browser window to prevent possible crashes;
  • further tidying of windows, menus, and updating of the lengthy and detailed Help book and PDF documentation.

Cirrus version 1.6 is now available from here: cirrus16
from Downloads above, from its own Product Page, and of course through its auto-update system.