Consolation 3.2 can now resize its log text and more

Consolation version 3.2 includes the following improvements:

  • You can now change the size of the font used in the log extract displayed, in one point increments between 4 and 24 points, using Command+ and Command-. The last-used value is saved to Consolation’s preferences file and used as the default when you next open the app.
  • Each time it opens, it now automatically checks for updates (if it hasn’t done so in the last 12 hours), and offers to download an update when it’s available.
  • There are minor improvements to the saving of window size and position.


Although including such small text sizes may not appear obviously useful, during my testing here I realised how they could be helpful for getting a broad view of a log extract, showing extended entries relating to errors and crashes, and repeated entry patterns. Changing the font size of an existing very large excerpt can take a few moments, but that is a system limitation and shouldn’t trouble you very often.


In this case, I set the upper limit at 24 points rather than 60; there seemed little value in going any higher because, even in full screen mode on a 5K display, you’re running out of space in which to fit most log entries.

I have also been looking at the changes made to logs in Catalina. At present, I don’t see anything which merits change in the handling of its log excerpts. However, if you are beta-testing Catalina and come across something which you feel needs better support, please let me know.

Consolation version 3.2 is now available from here: consolation32
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.