Want to write a message to the unified log? blowhole v9 will do that for you

Not too long after Sierra shipped with its unified log, I wrote a little command tool, blowhole, so that those without direct access to macOS system calls to write to the log could do so. Whether you’re coding in AppleScript or writing a shell script, this enables your code – so long as it can call a simple command – to write messages into the log which can be extracted with great ease. When Signposts were added to the log features, I extended blowhole so that it could write them too, providing a good way to analyse the performance of scripts and code in other languages.

Here’s a new version of blowhole, updated to support all macOS versions which use the unified log from Sierra up to Catalina. As I’ve noted elsewhere here, Catalina also requires command tools to be signed, hardened and notarized, and this new version is. Provided that you use the supplied Installer package, it should install and run fine in Catalina too.

blowhole version 9 is available from here: blowhole9
from Downloads above, and from its Product Support page.