xattred the GUI extended attribute editor reaches version 1.0 at last

I’m proud to release, at long last, the first full version of my extended attribute editor xattred.

This new version brings the following changes from the last beta release:

  • A new Stripper feature, implemented in its own accessory window. Here you can enter a type of extended attribute, such as com.apple.quarantine, then select a folder. xattred will traverse all the items in that folder and remove all extended attributes of that type which it finds there. xattred already allows you to cut xattrs away one at a time, but this now lets you do this across hundreds of thousands of files, if you so wish.
  • An extensive PDF Help book, running to some 19 pages, over four thousand words and ten screenshots. This contains all the information in the previous PDF document supplied with xattred, but is better structured and available from the Help menu when running xattred.
  • xattred checks its own signature immediately after launch, and quits if any error is detected.

The one feature which hasn’t made it into this first full release is Undo for its cut/copy/paste commands. Because of the way that xattrs are implemented, this is proving quite tricky to address. I still intend to add it to a future version, though, once I have got it working properly.

Version 1.0 of xattred is now available from here: xattred10
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page too. It should run on El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

This version is notarized for Mojave. It also incorporates a self-test to ensure that the app hasn’t been tampered with. If you open this version and it immediately quits, this indicates that its app bundle has been changed in some way, and no longer matches the original. A ReadMe file is enclosed in the archive which explains this, and what to do if that happens.