Podofyllin 1.0b16 now prints each of its views

As promised earlier this week, here’s a new version of Podofyllin which handles printing properly, at last.

It can print any of the following views:

  • the main window PDF view,
  • any PDF window, opened in the Window menu,
  • the main window text view,
  • the Source window, upper source view (Quartz 2D source) in full colour,
  • the Source window, lower source view (original file source) in full colour,
  • the Source window, bottom summary view.

Because the app opens PDF files, the two PDF views can only be printed to Postscript on disk, or to a printer. Text windows can be printed to any of the usual destinations, including saving as PDF. All these views are printed in Light Mode, with black (or coloured) text on a white background, irrespective of whether the app is running in Light or Dark Mode.

To determine which view will be printed, click on that view to make it active before selecting the Print command.

Podofyllin 1.0b16 is now available from here: podofyllin10b16
in its product page, and the main Downloads page above.

Tomorrow I will explain how to implement this type of printing support in AppKit apps of your own.