Setting up a new (or repurposed) Mac: 7 Choices diagrammed

I promised to diagram the choices involved in System Migration. Trying to compose an all-encompassing diagram was just too daunting, as it looked like it was going to spill over several pages. For most people setting up a new or repurposed Mac, the fundamental choice is whether to use System Migration, either during setup or as Migration Assistant later, or not. I hope that the table below summarises the choices involved in that.


In a previous article about System Migration or Migration Assistant, I presented a diagram of what happens during that process. In the light of my recent exploration of System Migration in Mojave, I have updated that with considerable detail. I hope that you find this revised diagram even more useful, for example when trying to troubleshoot problems which occur during System Migration.


That completes this series on setting up a new or repurposed Mac, unless you can think of a topic which I haven’t yet covered. Happy upgrading!