LockRattler 4.17 changes datestamping and offers a better file name

Here’s a new version of LockRattler which I recommend to all users. It only has two relatively minor changes, but they will be useful to many of you.

The first is that I have corrected that way in which LockRattler datestamps its saved reports. In the last line of the report file, it gives a date and time which used to be that at which you saved the file. Now the app keeps track of when it last checked version and other details, and uses that as the basis for the datestamp given.

Although this doesn’t make a big difference, it ensures that the time indicates when the results were obtained, rather than when they were just saved.

That same datestamp is now used as the default name for any saved report too. Although you can use any filename you wish, the default offered consists of LR (for LockRattler) _ (datestamp) .text, e.g.
where the datestamp is given in a form very close to ISO 8601 format, adjusted gently to work better with the file system.

LockRattler version 4.17 is now available from here: lockrattler417
and from Downloads above.

I have had an idea for what may be a significant improvement for the next version. This would be to save LockRattler’s results to its preferences file each time that it is run. When it is next opened, the app could check whether any results have changed, and highlight them to make them easier to notice. Would that be worthwile to you? Please comment below.