LockRattler 4.16 and SystHist 1.7 are now available

The first pushed update to Mojave’s new TCC database is handled gracefully by older versions of LockRattler and SystHist, but updates are needed to get this recognised fully. I have also taken the opportunity to fix another couple of issues in LockRattler, which affect all users.

LockRattler 4.16 addresses three relatively minor issues.

For Mojave users, this correctly recognises details of the recent update to the TCC database, and displays them next to the version number. Until Apple pushed an update, I didn’t know how it would be titled, so couldn’t reliably pick that information up.

For Macs with T2 processors, this makes the minor cosmetic fix of removing the trailing parenthesis ) in the iBridge firmware information.

For all users, this corrects a long-standing anomaly in the Security Update information displayed. Previous versions have shown the last macOS update and the last Security Update. At present, for example, if you’re running Mojave, there has been no security update for Mojave, but this will still display the last Security Update installed before Mojave, in High Sierra or Sierra.

Although that behaviour is strictly correct, I accept that it can be confusing. So now, if there has been no Security Update installed since the last macOS update, this just reports that no Security Update has been installed, which I hope is clearer.

LockRattler 4.16 is available from here: lockrattler416
and from Downloads above.

SystHist 1.7 fixes one small issue with the TCC database update. The previous version did recognise and display it correctly, but in the listing in the centre pane it wasn’t classified as a security update, so was only shown if the Skip non-security items box was unchecked. As these are security updates, TCC Configuration Data updates are now shown by default in all three views.

SystHist 1.7 is available from here: systhist17
and from Downloads above.