Updates to log access apps Consolation 3 and RouteMap

I have updated my two free apps which give access to the unified log in Mojave and earlier. The main change is that both Consolation, my general-purpose log browser, and RouteMap, which works with Signposts in Mojave and earlier, are now notarized for your added security.

Consolation 3.0b17 also has a minor bug fixed, and updated documentation which gives full details of Mojave’s changes to the log. The bug was that the last line in Rich Text exports of log extracts was set in black which didn’t change with system appearance, making it almost invisible when viewed in Dark Mode. Like the rest of the extract, that line now changes colour with the appearance setting.

Consolation 3.0b17 is available from here: consolation3b17
and from Downloads above.

RouteMap 1.0b2 is notarized for improved security Mojave, and is available from here: routemap10b2
and from Downloads above.

I have also assembled an updated version of my Signpost Kit, which includes RouteMap, blowhole, Whither, source code showing the use of Signposts, and additional documentation. If you are interested in writing to the unified log in any version of macOS from Sierra, you should look at this first, as it could save you a lot of time and effort, whether you’re using a scripting language, coding in Swift, or anything in between.

The new Signpost Kit is available from here: signpostKit
and from Downloads above.