LockRattler 4.14 helps even more with EFI firmware

Thanks to those who have tested the previous version of LockRattler on Macs with T2 chips, I can now offer another new version which should handle those more gracefully, and cater better for anyone using the app to check their EFI firmware.

LockRattler 4.14 now detects whether the eficheck command is available on your Mac, and from that and the version of macOS which it is running, can discover whether your Mac has a T2 chip.

If you’re running El Capitan or Sierra, then it will check the ‘new’ EFI version number and report that. If your Mac doesn’t have a T2 chip and is running High Sierra or later, LockRattler should now report two EFI firmware version numbers, the ‘new’ one and the version reported by eficheck. Finally, if your Mac has a T2 chip, the app should now report the ‘new’ version number for the EFI firmware and iBridge.

If LockRattler encounters an error in obtaining any of these firmware versions, this is reported more clearly in the scrolling text box below.

The other issue with checking EFI firmware versions is how to look your results up to determine whether your firmware is up to date. That not only depends on whether it had a firmware update when updating Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave last week, but which version numbering system you wish to use. For the moment at least I think that it is best to let you use human judgement to work this out, rather than try machine heuristics which could err at times.

So this new version of LockRattler has a direct link to the article here which lists EFI firmware versions, from a command in its Help menu.

I hope this helps you keep track of security updates and now keep a watch on your firmware. LockRattler 4.14 is now available from here: lockrattler414
and from Downloads above.