SystHist 1.6 fixes recognition of Mojave updates

Mojave has not only brought many visible changes, but there are even more which are hidden from the user. One unfortunate change has been the way in which Apple details macOS 10.14 and its updates in system records. One effect of those is that my free tool SystHist doesn’t always recognise recent major macOS upgrades and updates.

Some Mojave 10.14 upgrades don’t record basic information, such as the name of the upgrade, in system records. There is nothing that I can do about that, and some users will still find that their initial upgrade to 10.14 isn’t properly recorded in SystHist’s lefthand pane. It doesn’t appear in Mojave’s System Information either.

I had hoped that the 10.14.1 update would return to previous standards, but now realise that it too doesn’t follow Apple’s own conventions in the information it stores in system records. However, this new version of SystHist does recognise it and set it properly in the lefthand pane – twice, as the update says so! This version is now notarized for your added security.

SystHist 1.6 is available now from here: systhist16
and (very shortly) in Downloads above.