PermissionScanner 1.3 is notarized and fully ready for Mojave

Version 1.3 of PermissionScanner is mainly aimed at those already running Mojave betas, or intending to upgrade to Mojave when it is released very shortly. Its previous release is compatible with Mojave, but this update addresses potential issues which might arise with its new privacy protection system. It has also been notarized for your added protection.

PermissionScanner aims to detect files which have incorrectly set permissions, particularly in the Library in your Home folder. This is also the location of most of the folders whose privacy Mojave protects.

If you want PermissionScanner to be able to check those protected folders, you should give it Full Disk Access before use. Open the Security & Privacy pane, select the Privacy tab, and then the Full Disk Access item at the left. Click on the + tool and select PermissionScanner, to add it to that list.

If you don’t want to do that, though, this version has settings which should allow macOS to prompt you when it needs access to protected folders, and you can then make the decision. The settings here should prevent the app from just crashing should it come across protected folders.

This is shown in its new Privacy settings command in its Help menu, and in its documentation.

PermissionScanner 1.3 is available from here: permscan13
and from Downloads above.