Updates all round to Blowhole, RouteMap, and the Signpost Kit

I have done quite a lot of work to my Signpost tools over the last few days, enabling me to report log latency figures and the like. Here are the updated versions, complete with their documentation.

Blowhole version 8 now supports writing rapid series of Signposts in Mojave, so that you can time its latency for yourself. It’s available here: blowhole8


RouteMap now has three views in its window, the rightmost of which delivers time intervals in nanoseconds. There are two options for its analyses: one simply works out the time differences between all successive Signposts, the other matches begin and end pairs and gives their time differences.

These are not only valuable for looking at your own apps, but because both High Sierra and Mojave write out copious quantities of their own Signposts, they can provide fascinating insights into system performance.

It is also sufficiently stable, I hope, to merit being classed as a beta release, so version 1.0b1 is available here: routemap10b1

You can get the whole kit – Blowhole, Whither (my GUI test app), Whither’s Swift source code, RouteMap, and an additional tutorial document which introduces Signposts and the use of these tools, in the Signpost Kit version 1.2, available here: signpostkit12

As usual, they are also available now in Downloads above.