LockRattler 4.9 is now notarized

At WWDC back in June, Apple introduced a new notarization service to improve the security of apps. This goes beyond regular code signing and Gatekeeper, checking and certifying each release of each product. At present, notarization is voluntary, but may become a requirement for apps not delivered through the App Store, in a future release of macOS.

I was a little daunted by the prospect of notarization, I must admit. Hardly any of the apps I provide here would qualify for distribution through the App Store, because most go ‘low down’ and do things which are, well, rather naughty – even if they do stick to the rules in their misbehaviour!

I am delighted to offer the first notarized version of one of my apps: LockRattler. I have made this version 4.9, although its code is unchanged from 4.8. I welcome comments from users on all versions of macOS from El Capitan onwards, particularly if you experience any problems with its first run.

If this works out well, I will progressively notarize all my other apps here. If you’re a developer with a code-signing certificate, I’d strongly encourage you to look at notarization now. It’s free, simple, imposes very few limits on what your app does (this is not a cut-down version of the App Store, and it is designed to approve apps, not reject them), and very quick. I am most impressed.

LockRattler 4.9 is available from here: lockrattler49
and from Downloads above.