xattred 1.0b8 can now compare the xattrs of two files

On Saturday I released a new command tool, cmpxat, which performs detailed comparison between the extended attributes of two files, and reports on any differences found.

Here is version 1.0b8 of my free extended attribute editor, xattred, which incorporates that feature in its more friendly interface.


Open a Compare window using the command in the Window menu. Click on each of the two Choose buttons to select the files that you want to compare. If you prefer, you can type the path straight into the text box, although here it doesn’t automatically expand ~ shorthand for the Home folder. When you’re ready, click Compare, and xattred will detail the similarities and differences between the two files in the lower pane in its window.

xattred 1.0b8 for El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave is available from here: xattred10b8
and from Downloads above.