Control your QuickLook cache with Aquiline Check 1.0b2, and Aquiliner for your menubar

I am delighted to offer an update to improve my new tool for managing your QuickLook (or Quick Look) cache, Aquiline Check. This second beta version has its menus stripped down properly, its window tidied up and improved, and has been ported to Swift 4.2.


With it now comes a menubar version, Aquiliner, with most of the same features, using the same code base. This should be easier to use for those who might need to clear their QuickLook cache more frequently, if working with external encrypted storage, perhaps. You can install Aquiliner in your menubar, then use it to clear the cache whenever you wish, keep an eye on cache growth, and so on.

As with Aquiline Check, it runs on El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Both apps are supplied in a single Zip file, together with PDF documentation, available from here: aquiline10b2
and in Downloads above.