New versions of 32-bitCheck, LockRattler, and SystHist with update links and better Mojave support

Here are three new versions of my most popular apps. In each case, the changes are:

  • I have added a new item to the Help menu, Browse updates, which opens a list of latest versions here in this blog, allowing you to download any updated apps;
  • these versions have been built using the latest version of Xcode 10 in Mojave beta;
  • they now have proper support for Dark Mode, although this is not without its own issues.

SystHist appears to work well in Dark Mode, but there is a bug which affects both 32-bitCheck and LockRattler. Those two apps have a scrolling text box in which their results are displayed. With the current combination of Mojave beta and Xcode beta, those scrolling text boxes display their contents in black on dark grey, which is essentially unreadable.

Unfortunately trying to change that text colour so that it works in both Light and Dark modes has not proved possible. I can invert it, bizarrely giving white text on black in Light mode, and black text on white in Dark mode, but getting the recommended settings to work has proved impossible. For the time being, you may want to avoid running these apps in Dark Mode. If you need to, then selecting all of the text will highlight it, and make it better visible.

Each of these three updates appears to run normally otherwise in mac OS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave, and should also do so in El Capitan (untested).
32-bitCheck 1.4 is here: 32bitCheck14
LockRattler 4.4 is here: lockrattler44
SystHist 1.1 is here: syshist11
and all are available from Downloads.