Consolation 3.0b12 can save log excerpts as RTF, and improves usability

Late last year, I was hoping to progress my free unified log browser Consolation through to version 3 release. I have been amply distracted, but have now got back to this task and will be working on this in the coming days or weeks, as necessary.


Here is a new version of Consolation 3 which brings the following features:

  • The minimum window size has been reduced to make it more usable and friendly on smaller displays.
  • Time-consuming operations, such as fetching log excerpts and making logarchives, now run in the background, so the ‘spinning beachball’ should appear a lot less frequently. There are now two separate ‘busy spinners’ instead.
  • Log excerpts can now be saved in RTF, as well as plain text. This preserves the colours used in custom styles: if you want to continue to browse log excerpts but don’t need to analyse them as text (or JSON, or CSV), then RTF is the way to go.

My plan now is to review some of the more critical areas of code over the coming days, and to rewrite the Help book to detail the many new and improved features since version 2. Once remaining bugs are fixed, this should then be ready for the full release of version 3.

Consolation version 3.0b12 is available from here: consolation3b12
and from Downloads above.

This is also the last call for any additional features which you might like, and any changes to existing ones, please. If you have any, please add them as comments here.