Drag and drop files to open them in xattred 1.0b6

Version 1.0b6 of xattred, my free extended attribute (xattr) explorer and editor, has rewritten code for opening and saving files. These now support drag and drop as a means of opening files and folders, and improve the interface for saving report files too.

xattred is built on the Cocoa document architecture, but as that concerns itself with opening the data fork of files, it isn’t a particularly comfortable fit. Previous versions have required the user to click on the Open button in its document window to open a file. This new version supports three different methods for opening an item:

  • Open a new or existing document window, and click on the Open button. This has the advantage that the dialog shows hidden files by default, but can only open files, not folders.
  • Use the Open command in the File menu. This produces the standard Open File dialog, in which you will have to press Command-Shift-. if you want to see hidden files. It cannot open folders.
  • Drag and drop any file or folder onto the app icon, in the Finder or the Dock. This is the only way to open a folder to edit its xattrs.

I have also rewritten the report saving feature, which is now invoked using the Save As… menu command. This ensures that you do not overwrite the file whose xattrs you have been editing.

This new version is available from here: xattred10b6
and from Downloads above.