New version of The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2)

I am pleased to release a new version of my free tool for performing diagnostic checks on Time Machine, the Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2).


Version 1.3 has the following improvements:

  • It now runs as much as possible of its checks in a background thread. This means that you shouldn’t see the ‘spinning beachball’ much, if at all. Instead, there is now a ‘busy spinner’ shown in its slightly wider window.
  • The results view in its window has better settings which should improve your interaction with them, and their display.
  • It now has a custom window class, which works around potential complaints from macOS about having to use the default.
  • It has been ported to Swift 4.

This new version should still run correctly with RunT2M2, provided that you replace your existing copy of the T2M2 app with this new version, in your main Applications folder.

T2M2 version 1.3 is available from here: t2m213
and from Downloads above.

Because it relies on analysing the unified log which was only introduced in Sierra, I’m afraid that this new version still only runs on Sierra and High Sierra. Note also that it doesn’t check Mobile Time Machine, only regular full-strength Time Machine backing up.