Precize version 1 is now released, with an improved document window, extensive Help book, and more

I am pleased to announce that the first full release of Precize is now available from here: precize10
and in Downloads above.

Improvements since the last beta-release include compaction of its main document window to improve usability (particularly on Macs with smaller displays), the addition of many Tooltips, and an extensive Help book which explains the purpose and meaning of many of the attributes which it reports, in addition to separate PDF documentation.


Precize provides a unique collection of information about files, bundles, and folders, including:

  • three different references, including the regular path, the volfs path, and the FileReferenceURL,
  • data, extended attribute, and total sizes calculated using two different methods,
  • permissions, creation and last modification dates and times,
  • a Base-64 encoded Bookmark to the item,
  • a basic listing of all extended attributes.

A separate Resolver window can resolve and preview items using their Base-64 Bookmark.

Precize runs on El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra (both HFS+ and APFS file systems).

I hope that this proves useful.