Inspect the deepest details of your files with Precize 1.0b6

This new version of Precize provides a wealth of detailed information about files, bundles, and other folders in macOS, from El Capitan to High Sierra, and on HFS+ and APFS. It also integrates features which were previously in my free tool Preciziun.


This information includes three different ways of reaching the item through a path: its regular path, the persistent volfs path based on its inode (which can be used at the command line), and the File Reference URL.

It then gives full estimates of the size of the file, according to that of its data fork and metadata.

Following those is a collection of Posix information, including the permissions in octal, the name and ID of its owner and group, dates of creation and last modification, the macOS file type, and its file system reference count.

The item’s Bookmark is given in Base-64, and the path to which that resolves. Finally, it provides a dump of extended attributes for the item.


The new Bookmark Resolver window (functionality previously provided separately in Preciziun) lets you paste in a Base-64 Bookmark, which it will then attempt to resolve. If successful, you can preview that item using QuickLook, and inspect it in the Finder.

This new version also fixes a crashing bug in Preciziun, and saves a complete report about any opened item in text format, which includes the Base-64 Bookmark.

I am aware that the minimum window size is a little too deep for some smaller displays, and the next version will reduce that to make it fit displays better.

Precize version 1.0b6 is available from here: precize10b6
and in Downloads above.

I particularly welcome comments from those able to test this on El Capitan, please, which I am unable to do here.