Did you cancel a software update by mistake?

Yesterday, when wrestling with High Sierra and Xcode updates, I decided that I didn’t want to download the iTunes update which was also being offered. Once it had started downloading, I clicked on the Cancel button in the App Store Updates window.

The snag is that when you do that, the App Store takes offence and won’t offer you that update again. Ever again. There seems no simple way to uncancel such an action in the App Store, leaving me with an old version of iTunes.

Although I’m sure that there are other ways to sweet-talk the App Store into offering me that update again, there’s an even simpler way in LockRattler (free from Downloads above). When I clicked on its List all pending updates button, I was delighted to see that softwareupdate wasn’t in a sulk, and still had the iTunes update waiting for me.


So all I did was click on the Install all pending updates button, and I was back on track with the current version of iTunes.

You can do the same in Terminal, using the
softwareupdate -ia --include-config-data
command, which shouldn’t normally need to be run with sudo, or, in El Capitan,
sudo softwareupdate -ia
or no doubt by fiddling with the settings in the App Store pane.