xattr: com.apple.icloud.itemName, iCloud Drive placeholder filename

Type: com.apple.icloud.itemName
Subtypes: none
Serialisation: none
Data type: UTF-8 string containing the filename.
Example: <32303136 31302d33 30346765 6e697573 54697073 2e747874&gt ; «201610-304geniusTips.txt»
macOS: Sierra, High Sierra
System use: none
App use: none
Document use: none
Other usage: exclusively used by iCloud on stub files representing files which are not cached locally, but still stored remotely.

Purpose: gives the full name of the file represented by the stub
macOS/iCloud attaches these to stub files, with names starting with a stop/period, which represent files held in the cloud which are currently not stored locally. When the file is fetched to the local cache, the stub file, complete with its xattr, is removed. Thus the xattr only exists ‘in’ uncached files, and is stripped by iCloud/macOS to prevent it from appearing on any locally-stored files.

Tools: xattred, xattr


Original page: 2018-01-29
Last modified: 2018-01-29