SystHist now provides a structured history of updates too

The second alpha release of SystHist, my simple tool to reveal all system and security updates, adds a structured view of update history. This is particularly useful for Macs with long update histories, as it shows all updates applied by each minor macOS update.

This is most easily seen in this screenshot:


The listing at the right is a simple text list, as in the previous version. It does have an additional option of showing its list with the most recent update at the top, or at the bottom of the list.

The view on the left shows the same information, organised according to the macOS version running at the time. To see all system and security updates which were applied to, say, macOS Sierra 10.12.5, all you have to do is click on the disclose triangle by the entry named macOS Sierra Update 10.12.5 (or double-click on that row), and the list will drop down.

There are two minor issues with this version:

  • Although I have essentially rewritten the app to restructure the update data, it may still parse some non-system updates as if they were system updates. Please let me know if you encounter this, so that I can tweak the parser a bit more.
  • The structured view on the left doesn’t always clean itself up properly to make full use of the column widths. You can easily force that to happen by double-clicking on any row in that view, or by toggling either of the checkboxes.

There are inevitably other changes to support this new structured data, and the app has now got its own custom icon.

This new version is available here systhist02a1
and from Downloads above.

As usual, I would particularly appreciate reports from anyone able to test this out on El Capitan. It appears to work fine on Sierra and High Sierra – please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Happy Boxing Day!