LockRattler 4.1 for El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra is now finally released

I am delighted to release version 4.1 of LockRattler, for use on El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra systems.

This incorporates many changes since version 4.0. These include:

  • Now shows the date, time and version of the last installed updates to XProtect, Gatekeeper, KEXT block, and MRT.
  • Now shows the date, time and information for the last installed macOS and security updates.
  • Provides buttons to trigger a background check for security updates (not El Capitan), to list all pending updates, and to install all pending updates. Please read the documentation before using these.
  • The Help book has been extensively updated, as has the accompanying PDF documentation.


You should find this new version provides all the information and controls that you need to monitor and control your Mac’s security and related updates. As always, it is completely free, even for use on commercial and organisational systems.

Changes since 4.1b4 include:

  • The Trigger background check button doesn’t appear in El Capitan. I am afraid that I have been unable to get this to work reliably.
  • A new app icon by blackspike.com (thank you).
  • The Help book has been updated.

Version 4.1 is available here: lockrattler41r
and in Downloads above.

Many thanks to all those who commented on the beta-test versions, and provided me with so much help, also to blackspike.com for the new app icon.

Please let me know, either here or by email, if you encounter any problems with it.

I hope that you enjoy this Christmas present.