LockRattler 4.0b2 has a couple of helpful tweaks

I am delighted to report that yesterday’s release of LockRattler, version 4.0b1, appears to run properly on El Capitan, as well as Sierra and High Sierra.

However, those who have tested it have pointed out a couple of slightly wobbly matters too.

First, LockRattler is a single-window app. It makes no sense to be able to open additional windows. Apple offers two main options for apps for macOS in Xcode: single-window, and multi-window based on documents. In making this version, I opted for the former as it is a far better fit with the way in which we use the app.

However, the standard single-window app behaves a little oddly. When started, it shows its window, but closing the window doesn’t quit the app. Instead, the app is left with no windows open, and no means of opening another window. So the user then has to quit the app manually, which is a waste of their time and effort.

The second issue is a report from Dave Linton (thank you) of a little Finder oddness with version 4.0b1, which suggests that it may not be as stable and well-behaved as it should be. I suspect that this may result from the Swift libraries, and the stripping and compaction which takes place when generating the final version of the runtime app.

I have now altered LockRattler’s behaviour, so that closing its single window also quits the app, and am using a less compacted/stripped version of the app. These are the two changes in LockRattler 4.0b2, which is now available from here: lockrattler402
and in Downloads above.

I am hoping that this might be good for the final release, but await reports that you think it is too.