xattr: template for type page

[article title = xattr: [xattr type], [general function or description]]
[tags always to include ‘xattr’, ‘extended attributes’; category always to include ‘xattr’]

Type: [type, excluding subtype and serialisation, e.g com.apple.metadata]
Subtypes: [subtype, e.g. kMDLabel]
Serialisation: [any serialisation observed, e.g. appending _7u5sdyunqij73ecjzmbzivu4zq]
Data type: [binary, UTF-8, ASCII, null-terminated, etc., followed by brief description of layout, etc. Hexadecimal content given in <>, text in «». If appears limited to a set, members listed as far as possible. If a binary property list, provide the data types and keys where possible.]
Example: [at least one example, if possible with interpretation of content]
macOS: [El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra]
System use: [whether seen in /System/Library and macOS contents of /Library]
App use: [whether seen in apps]
Document use: [whether seen in document files, any patterns of usage]
Other usage: [if any]

Purpose: [short description of the function of the xattr]
Information: [all other information known]

Tools: [tools which can be used to view or edit, any limitations]

Links: [references to websites and other sources of information]

Additional info: [optional, anything else of relevance]

Original page: [date of original article]
Last modified: [date of last change]