Now you can filter with regular expressions in Woodpile

Yesterday I unintentionally left one alarm clock on, so finding myself out of bed and awake well before six, I had another session improving Woodpile.

This new version adds the ability to filter using regular expressions, as well as plain text.

Add these filters in the Preferences sheet. Plain text filters must not start with the ® character (Option-R), which is almost never likely to occur at the start of a normal search string in any case. The initial character ® indicates that the characters immediately after it provide a regular expression (regex) for use in the filter. Don’t leave a space after that, or put the expression in quotes, just follow straight on with the expression.

For example,
will be used as a plain text search string, but
will use the expression
as a regex filter.

The flavour of regex used is the standardised ICU version, which is common to macOS. This article provides more detail and some useful links.

The other changed feature is chart refresh, which in the previous beta used either Shift-click/tap or Shift-Right-click or Shift-two-finger-tap. I have split this into two commands:

  • Shift-click/tap refreshes both the chart and text views, while
  • Shift-right-click or Shift-two-finger-tap refreshes only the chart view.

In most cases, I suspect that you will want the former.

I have also fixed a couple of bugs, including a warning resulting from a bug in Xcode 9 about using a generic window which can sometimes cause issues.

This new version of Woodpile is available here: woodpile10b4
and from Downloads above.