New and improved Consolation 3: rearranged window and more

I am pleased to release a new beta of Consolation 3, my flagship log browser for Sierra and High Sierra.

This version has been ported to use the latest Swift 4.0 language and rebuilt using Xcode 9.1, the current release. That has required various internal changes to its source code to bring it into compliance with the new language features, and changed interfaces.

I have also taken the opportunity to rearrange its user interface, to work from a window which is better suited to display geometry. This has allowed me to lay the controls out in a less crowded way, which I hope makes their use clearer.


In particular, I have split the Filter section up more logically, arranging its radio buttons for the three main options of Time Machine, pattern, and other text vertically, so that their respective settings are placed alongside the applicable radio button. I have also rearranged the main buttons to lay them out more appropriately.

I hope that you find this an improvement: please comment below.

The other area in which I have improved its function is in applying preference changes to all windows. Previously, changes made in the preference settings were only propagated to the frontmost and new windows; other open windows were not updated. Now, when you close the preference sheet, it immediately updates all windows which are open, as well as any new ones.

This new version is available here: consolation3b10
and in Downloads above.