Woodpile can now browse all log entries, and enters beta phase

Browsing log entries from just one specific process is a good way of focussing in and making sense of them, but there are times when you need to view those in context. This new version of my alternative log browser Woodpile now has a simple checkbox which switches between those two options. If seeing all the entries gets a bit much, you can easily switch back to just viewing those from the one process.

I have also added some useful information to the bar chart view, including the start and end timestamps for the data being shown, to save the user from having to refer to ToolTips or the text view.

Another significant improvement is that custom processes are now accessible from all windows, and are saved in Woodpile’s preference file. Currently you can only add processes using the app: a future version will allow you to remove and edit processes too.

The core engine in Woodpile does most of the things which I currently intend it to for version 1, and seems fairly stable. There are still occasional lapses in what is displayed, particularly in the chart view, which doesn’t always get updated fully (I am working on a fix). I think the time is now ready to call this the first beta release.

You can obtain Woodpile 1.0b1 from here: woodpile10b1
and in Downloads above.

I am now going to be fixing the remaining bugs in co-ordinating text and chart views properly, adding a Preferences sheet, and then looking more widely at features such as printing support and image export. The other area that I will be examining is incorporating styled log views as featured in Consolation 3.

If you find any bugs, or have any wishes for additional features, please add them here as comments, or drop me an email.

What Woodpile needs now is some use, and feedback from that, please.