Woodpile gets informative ToolTips in its bar chart

Here’s a new version of Woodpile: this adds ToolTips to the bar chart, so that when you hover the pointer over a bar, after the customary short delay, a ToolTip will appear. This gives:

  • The size value of the bar. When the popup menu is set to all, this is the log load in bytes (the uncompressed total log size). When you have selected one of the processes in that menu, it shows the percentage of that individual log file used by the process.
  • The date on which logd recorded those figures, which is the date on which that log file was closed.
  • The time at which those figures were recorded, which is shortly after the last log entry in the file.
  • The file path and name within the logarchive.


This makes it much easier to open that individual log file using Consolation (or log) to investigate it further.

This new version is available here: woodpile10b1
and in Downloads above.

I had hoped at this stage to let you click on the bar to look in more detail at that log file from within Woodpile. Unfortunately, in the process of adding the ToolTips, I over-optimised the draw() function to draw the ChartView, and introduced a serious bug. I therefore had to waste time de-optimising the draw() function, and thought it better to release this version because of the added value of the ToolTips. I will explain more in a separate article about the source code, next week.