The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) version 1.0 released

I am delighted to announce the release of the first version of The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2), the only tool which checks whether Time Machine is making backups correctly. This version is for Sierra only, and in 10.12.4 and later can only be run as an admin user. This is because T2M2 performs extensive analysis of the log, something that Apple has recently locked out from ordinary user mode.


This version:

  • Displays its analysis in a scrolling text view, so that you can browse even extensive error lists from within the app.
  • Covers deep traversal scans and volume compaction events, which are reported.
  • Is completely self-contained, with a detailed Help book which steps through each element in the report.
  • Features other minor improvements from the previous beta-release.
  • Is completely free, of course.

I’d like here to express my gratitude to those who tested it in beta, and provided feedback during that process. I hope that I have managed to address all your wishes.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.