Consolation 2.2b3 is now available, to improve handling of defaults

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

This includes a fix in a bug which had been lurking in version 2.0, which affects the set time period for analysis.

It also changes the handling of start and end dates and times, with respect to logarchives.

When you are working on the live system log, and save defaults, although the start and end date and time are saved, they are not used. This ensures that those settings are current, relative to the actual clock time. This behaviour remains the same.

However, if you are working on a saved logarchive over a period of hours or days, you want start and end date and time to remain unchanging. You can now do this by saving defaults; then, so long as you continue to use defaults based on a logarchive and not the live log, new windows will be opened with unchanging start and end date and time.

Although only a small change, this makes work on saved logarchives a great deal easier.

If there are no further bugs or other issues, I intend completing a revised version of the Help book next week, and making this the final release version. So please comment on any problems which you are experiencing, so that I can try to fix them soon.