An easier way to check Time Machine: T2M2

One of the original reasons for my tools to open access to macOS Sierra’s new unified log system was to help users check that Time Machine backups were being run properly, and without error. Although you can use Consolation to do that, you have to be able to understand log entries in order to work out whether they are healthy, or worrying.

TheTimeMachineMechanic, alias T2M2, is a new app which automatically analyses Time Machine entries in Sierra’s logs, to provide indicators of its health.

It works by obtaining an extract of log entries for Time Machine backups over the last 1 to 24 hours. This is gathered in JSON format, then analysed to determine the number of backups started and completed in that period, whether any ‘deep traversal scans’ have been performed and whether they complete, and whether any backups have been cancelled. It also extracts any log entries containing errors, and displays those.

This first beta release has a limited range of analyses, and does not yet display them in a visually attractive way, just as a series of text statements. However, if you want to check Time Machine backups, it should be much easier than using Consolation or any other tool.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

Your bug reports and comments are very welcome here, please.

Note: I am aware of a mismatch between typed-in numbers of hours and those set using the setter (up and down arrows). For the moment, I recommend using the setter rather than typing in a number, which is easier anyway.