DispatchRider into second alpha, with saved activities and more

The latest release is available from Downloads above.


As before, this comes with a PDF document detailing its use.

The major new feature is that you can now save, and open previously-saved, activity settings. These are saved as simple Property Lists (.plist). There is currently one rather puzzling bug in this: normally, if you try to overwrite an existing file when saving, the app warns you and allows you to choose whether or not to do so. This does not happen (yet), so if you do inadvertently save over an existing file, this happens silently. However, it supports full versioning, so you should be able to recover the original in many cases.

Other changes and fixes in this version include:

  • Added a custom app icon.
  • Added full Tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug which gave an activity run count which was 1 too high.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Tolerance was set in seconds, not minutes.

If you do run background activities which are accessible from the command line, and which do not need to be run at precise times, I hope that you will give DispatchRider a try, and report back. It should even be possible to use it to reschedule Time Machine backups at intervals other than every hour, without them disrupting your work.

Making the code changes for this version has been an interesting experience which I will detail in a later article.