HelpHelp: first release version now available to fix your Help Books

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

Since the previous development version, it has grown two significant features:

  • you can now select an app, and register its Help Book to be used by Help Viewer. This over-rides previous settings, and can be checked using HelpHelp;
  • you can now save the index of Help Books and their data to a text file in CSV format.

HelpHelp is now the only macOS tool:

  • which can search and browse any designated and installed Help Book,
  • for diagnosing problems with Help Books and access to Apple Help,
  • which lets you decide which Help Book to access (out of two or more available) and can fix problems with accessing the ‘wrong’ Help Books.


It is fully documented in its own Help Book.

I hope that you find it useful.