Adobe Flash Player update (updated)

Adobe has just released a major update to its Flash Player, taking it to version, which is available from here.

Adobe has now, more than twelve hours after its release, revealed the changes which this brings. They include fixes to half a dozen bugs, including abnormal behaviour on pressing the Space bar in a text field, and unexpectedly quitting. There don’t appear to be any new features for OS X or macOS, which makes it puzzling as to why this should be designated a new major version, 25.

There are, though, important security fixes, affecting a total of seven reported vulnerabilities. These include a buffer overflow, memory corruption, and use-after-free bugs which could lead to code execution, and a bug in random number generation used for constant binding which could lead to information disclosure.

It does therefore appear to be an important update for Macs, if you still have to have Flash Player installed.