Consolation 2.0b4 now available – feature complete?

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

Changes in this version are concentrated in the generation of CSV exported from JSON log excerpts. These address several issues with the previous version:

  • The single date- and timestamp field in JSON data is now separated into three fields, containing the datestamp, timestamp, and the local correction to time (e.g. +0000). In most cases, the datestamp is of no interest, unless the log excerpt spans a change in date. The timestamp contains what will, for most users, be the most important information, and preserves the full resolution of the log. The local correction is also likely to remain static and be of no value. This change should therefore make it much easier to use timestamp data.
  • Relevant fields, including the message, are now checked for double quotation marks. Where these occur (very infrequently), they are replaced with double double quotation marks in accordance with the CSV standard. This should stop them from breaking on import.
  • Another problem which occurs in some importing apps, such as Microsoft Excel, which do not fully comply with the standard, is over handling of newline characters. Although these are permitted within quoted strings, they cause problems when imported into Excel. Newlines are replaced by a single space to work around this issue.
  • Some log messages contain long multi-line debug information, which can break when imported into apps like Microsoft Excel. As these messages are not suitable for import into other apps (they merit standard treatment within the log browser, and do not contain information which needs analysis as CSV), they are now truncated at 255 Unicode characters. This should protect delicate import code from breaking when faced with such long fields.
  • The Export button now has a Tooltip.

Together, these should greatly increase the usability and usefulness of log excerpts exported in CSV format.


My plan is now to fix any bugs found in this release, add a proper Help file, and release that as version 2.0. Please let me know if you encounter any problems, or have any remaining features which you wish added.

I hope that you find it useful.