Consolation 2.0b3 now available – with CSV export

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

The major change in this release is that you can now use Consolation to export log extracts in CSV format, which can then be imported into a very wide range of other apps, including spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and Apple’s Numbers, and databases such as FileMaker Pro.


This may not seem a great deal, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first time that this feature has ever been available for Mac system logs. The combination of the almost overwhelming fine detail which Sierra’s log provides, and the power of analysis available in third-party apps opens many new possibilities. Merely browsing your log in a spreadsheet is a transformative experience. Try it!


Export only applies to log extracts which are captured in JSON format, one of Consolation’s options. However, this is also the most detailed format, as it even includes the system (Mach) tick count for every log entry, and full pathnames for processes.

This release also fixes a bug in 2.0b2, in which radio button settings were not made properly to new windows.

My goals in the next beta-release are to:

  • pre-parse exported message fields to remove quotation marks which can cause problems on CSV import;
  • write out datestamp and timestamp field separately, in a way which better enables their use on CSV import;
  • to provide a proper Help file.

Once those and any bugs are fixed, I aim to release the final version. If you have any other feature requests for version 2.0, please post them here soon.

I hope that you find this version as exciting as I do.