Consolation 1.0b5: a tool for browsing your logs

The latest release is available from Downloads above.


Significant improvements include:

  • Tooltips!
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • The two other text boxes now parse text input into arguments properly, using an argument separator.
  • The arguments submitted are now displayed when you run a command, as well as when checking it.
  • Saved files include a datestamp and the command line version of the command.
  • I have removed the unused trim output option, and laid the window out better.
  • Improved error reporting.

Hidden features which are now supported include:

  • The app reopens using the same window size as when you last closed it.
  • Full screen support.
  • You can search the log output.
  • You can copy the command which is submitted, to help solve errors in construction commands.

This feels close to a version 1.0 release now. Please report any crashes, other problems, or vital feature changes which you need for this first release.

My aim is not – just yet – to produce an all-singing, all-dancing ultimate Console tool, but to get us back to something like the abilities which we used to have in Console in El Capitan and earlier. Feel free to suggest improvements for future versions, but I’d like to get this initial release shipping in days, not months.

I hope that you will find it fills the gaps left in the current version of Console.