Consolation: a browser for previous log entries, first beta

I am delighted to be able to offer the first beta-release of my new app for browsing existing log entries, Consolation. This has been developed using Swift 3, and has many advantages over my AppleScript hack in LogLogger.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

LogLogger was a stopgap. There are various limitations imposed by AppleScript which made it kludgy in parts, and addressing those issues was going to require a lot of workarounds using AppleScriptObjC. Now that it is clear that Apple is not, for the foreseeable future, going to build these vital features into its Console app, the only answer is a proper compiled app with full access to the rich features of macOS – and that is what Consolation is intended to become.

First, it is self-contained and does not rely on using any other app to browse logs. This makes it much easier, smoother, and more efficient to use.


Consolation runs a single window, in which you set the controls for the log excerpts which you want to view. Checking Time Machine log entries – the most common reason for using Console, it would appear – is now even quicker and simpler. From opening Consolation, all you have to do is set one popup menu and click on a single button, and you can browse the last two hours of log entries relating to Time Machine.

There are great advantages for trying to investigate startup and other problems. The control settings stay where you put them (but not yet between separate uses of Consolation: it does not yet save settings into a preference file), so you can repeat the same filter with slight adjustments to start and end times, for instance, very quickly and easily.

It only saves files when you want it to, and that is operated by a simple buttonpress.

For the advanced user, Consolation also gives access to a wider range of features in filters, and the macOS predicate system.

If you have been using LogLogger, or want to access existing entries in your logs, please give it a try and feel free to provide comments, bug reports, and even encouragement here. I already use this beta in preference to LogLogger, as it is so much better in use.

Tomorrow I will explain a bit more about how it works.

9 February 2017:

Updated to version 1.0b5.